best christmas presents for travellers

The best Christmas presents for travellers

What’s on your wishlist for Santa?

Christmas is coming and who is not looking for great gift ideas? Travel gadgets will always be welcome, and some of these are essential for any long-term trip. Here are 9 favourite travel gadgets that will make the perfect Christmas present for your loved one. I wouldn’t want to miss any of them!


Undercover laptop sleeve

This brilliant idea is available in laptop, tablet and smartphone sizes. It’s a fun travel companion for around the world trips and overseas stays when you don’t want to draw attention to your tech gear. Keep your laptop or iPad in your Luckies envelope sleeve and you won’t tempt opportunistic thieves. It has padded satin cloth lining on the inside and water & tear resistant paper on the outside to keep it safe and no one will expect any valuables in a tatty old envelope. It’s a little big for a 13″ laptop without case but can be adjusted. Seriously, this is one of my favourite pieces of travel gear!travel laptop sleeve

ONYA foldable lightweight backpack

I stumbled upon my ONYA backpack when travelling all over Australia in 2010. It has been on countless hikes and city trips since – ideal for hot temperatures like in Australia or Spain. I love the fun designs and it fits in every piece of luggage or handbag, and makes a perfect day pack & shopping bag. The only downside is that it’s not waterproof.
Decathlon offers similar backpacks, however ONYA Backpacks are made from recycled plastic; each backpack is made from about 10 plastic bottles.

lightweight foldable backpack in fun designs


 The good old scarf

Scarves are always great ideas for girls as they can be used in winter and summer. When travelling to hot countries or beaches, they can easily be transformed into tops, beach dresses or jackets / blankets to keep warm.

Travel scarf with secret zip pocket

This normal looking scarf also keeps your most valued items close to you. It fits a passport, phone, money or personal items where no one suspects. It’s even practical to wear it at work when you don’t have other pockets!

I’m most grateful to wear it when travelling long distances on public transport when I can nap safely. Just be aware that when inserting heavy items they will be discernable. You can request this beautiful piece in any colour and material at Marie näht.

travel scarf with secret pocket

GoPro and fun accessories

Who wouldn’t love a GoPro for Christmas? The beauty about this is, there are also hundreds of accessories one would love to get for it! Selfie sticks, helmet fixtures, tripods, protection foils to avoid scratches, underwater extras…. the list is endless.gopro for travellers

Money belt

There are several versions available, some visible as this one and bigger ones to wear underneath your trousers or skirt. Both styles require some privacy for access. However this more obvious money belt version avoids the common problem of heat accumulation when in hot countries, though it has limits as in how much volume you can store.

travel money belt

Solar charger

Are you into hiking, camping or just hanging out on a remote beach? This portable solar charger will be indispensable. Living in Spain it’s almost always in my backpack to charge my phone on the go. It’s super fast in direct sunlight and still keeps charging when overcast. The only downside is that it won’t fully charge your iPhone from its battery (only about 80%), but it does charge the iPhone when directly plugged in. And the battery pack doubles up as a torch. Sure, it adds a little more weight to your pack than you’d wish, but it’s totally worth it when discovering isolated areas, like a hidden bay in the Costa Brava…

Zero solar panel for hiking

Packsafe Portable Safe

Ideal for long term travel. I’ve mostly used it to lock my phone, iPod or travel documents to hostel bunk beds while taking a shower and when no lockers where available. You can also use its lock separately on hostel lockers. It’s fairly light and can easily fit under a cushion without looking suspicious. Sometimes I wished this portable safe was bigger to also fit my laptop. It definitely gives you some peace of mind to keep your stuff safe from opportunistic thieves, however it probably won’t withstand metal cutting tools – but then which hostel thief would be that well prepared?

Packsafe portable travel safe


Definitely a favourite for campers. Although it’s not the most comfortable sleeping option, it’s definitely fun to hang out in a hammock on long summer days. Consider getting extra ropes to be more flexible on where to fix it.

camping hammock for travellers


Which one’s your favourite?


I have been a traveller and expat for over 15 years. So far my nomad lifestyle has allowed me to live and work in seven countries including the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Australia. Moving country, studying abroad and a passion for travel has been part of most of my adult life.

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