Life as a Jillaroo (Part I)


Most of you might ask: what’s a Jillaroo? Wikipedia explains it as the “female equivalent of a Jackaroo” which is the Australian expression for a “trainee working on a sheep or cattle station to gain practical experience in the skills and traditions of Australian stockmen”. In North American terms it’s somewhat like a cowgirl. Except that I was in the Australian bush of the Northern Territory: that’s crocodile and snake country where Crocodile Dundee was from. And I really loved it!…

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Are you a traveller at heart and always wanted to just go and see the world? Be inspired! Let’s live and share amazing fun moments, because life is short.

I have always thought I wanted to travel as much as I can, live in other countries WHILE  I still can, and collect plenty of long-term memories, that will keep me happy in old age. See, when growing up in the former GDR, travelling wasn’t exactly a given.
So far I have lived and worked in 7 countries. Let me tell you some of my stories…

Welcome to iTravel4life blog

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